Your Guide to Walker Wheels

You may be wondering, what's the difference between having four wheels, two wheels, or no wheels on my walker? The answer really just depends on how much stability you need.

No wheels
To move forward using a walker without wheels, you need to pick the walker up to move it along. This would be your kind of walker if you need the utmost stability; Especially if you find yourself leaning on it often. 
Two wheels
A walker with two wheels allows you to apply some weight on it but the wheels let you to move  without picking up your walker. The legs without wheels will save you from rolling forward.
Four wheels
If you don't need to lean heavily on your walker for stability, you can power through with a four wheeler. You can walk faster and traverse over uneven surfaces easier with a four wheeled walker. 
From no wheels to four wheels you go from needing the most stability to just enough. Feel free to search our selection of walkers for one that supports your stability needs the best.