Which Mobility Scooter is Right For You?

Before venturing out and looking seriously at what type of powered mobility scooter to get - there are lifestyle questions to ask so that when you get your scooter it’s the right one for you.

Probably the biggest reason to making sure you are picking the right scooter is the fact that it takes a lot of time, effort, and sometimes money to send back a scooter to the store or online marketplace if the scooter does not do what you need it to do.

Lets take a look at 2 types of living areas and what it means to have the right features that will enhance your enjoyment without causing headaches.

Lets look at Urban and Rural living:

Man riding scooter next to woman walking

The person who lives in a city or suburb travels through buildings, streets, sidewalks, roads, and stores. The terrain is usually flat and paved with either asphalt or concrete which is normally smooth and easy to ride on. The other point - going in and out of buildings, elevators, stores that have narrow isles, and "easy to get to" but "hard to maneuver in" public transportation.  It’s safe to assume that the most needed feature in an urban environment is a scooter that can turn in tight spots and do so without a lot of effort. This is important because if you have to do this every day the scooter has to have very easy turning, easy braking, and real easy disassembly in case you have to put your scooter in a vehicle.

  •  The primary feature in a powered mobility scooter that complements the urban lifestyle is a 3 wheel  scooter that has a turning radius able to traverse tight corners. You might think that maybe a 4 wheel scooter will have a more comfortable ride than its 3 wheel counterpart but that is not the case these days. 3 wheel scooters have enough suspension to not only travel well outdoors on paved concrete or asphalt but also feel sturdy enough when you have to make a tight turn without falling over.

 The weight of the scooter should be the lightest model that can carry your weight capacity. And don’t forget to pad that weight capacity number for carrying bags, groceries and other things you might need on your journey like an oxygen tank, cane, or umbrella. Add another 10-25 lbs or so to be safe.

The other lifestyle type is rural living. As you may know rural living can be in a house, farm, or other large dwelling with land to spare. Typically you have a long or very long driveway that is sometimes winding up and down on a difficult terrain of bumpy asphalt, concrete or small gravel. Just getting to the mailbox at the end of the driveway can present an adventure every time you open up the front door. Luckily todays mobility scooter manufacturers have included features that make life a little easier.

 Probably one of the biggest features that people will eventually look for is storage and convenience.  Storage on a mobility scooter comes in all shapes and sizes. You can get a basket in the front, a side saddle bag, bag or basket under the seat or backpack. There are some models with ample storage under the seat. The 2 seater versions like E-Wheels Ew02 HD folding scooter can fold flat so that you can put large packages on top of. Some storage bags detach from the scooter for quick get up and go moments.

Having the convenience of a cup holder, cane holder, or usb charger ports to charge up devices such as tablets, iphones, androids, ipads, or laptops can add all those creature comforts we take for granted at home. Just think if you were traversing the boardwalk with kids and all of the sudden their device runs out of power trying to find more pokemon go characters. Guess what? You just saved the day!

Today's modern Powered Mobility Scooters have many features and benefits to consider. We try to make sense of the overwhelming details so it’s easy to confidently pick the perfect scooter for you. Call us with any comments or questions at 1-877-520-5220 or use our Help Me Choose Mobility App to narrow down your choices.