E-Wheels EW-27 CROSSOVER One or Two Person Pre-Mobility Scooter



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The EW-27 EWheels CROSSOVER Pre-Mobility Scooter is the fastest, longest range, designer style and most affordable pre-mobility scooter available on the market today. The CROSSOVER is perfect for active riders that simply need assistance for traveling longer distances than they can physically walk.

The CROSSOVER pre-mobility scooter is designed for riders that have full physical use of their extremities and have good hand eye coordination. This scooter can travel at speeds up to 15mph and has a 35 mile range on a single charge!

The small rear back seat is perfect for a Grandchild, dog carrier or groceries. There are 3 speed settings, speed 1 should be used for normal operation.

The CROSSOVER is equipped with Electric front light, rear brake light, turn signals and Electric horn.

This awesome CROSSOVER scooter ships fully assembled and is Ride Ready!

  • Lots of speed controls. Made for the more active user.

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